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Reading Supports

Looking for a fun game that will help your child practice phonics, spelling and reading?
Try cutting the names of foods off of packaging and seeing how many words you can come up using just those letters. 
For example Pop-tarts has art, rat, rats, star, and many more.
See how many words your child can come up, then have them read each word to you. When playing with younger readers, you can find words and have them read to you. Once they get the hang of it they will be able to find 3 and 4 letter words on their own. Don't be afraid to make up non-sense words that have to be sounded out (this helps reinforce using sounds to decode words).
Challenge more experienced readers to spell longer words or see how many they can come up with in 5 minutes. This game can be played untimed or timed.
Looking for ways to support your child's reading journey? First read to and with them. This not only provides bonding time for your family but also promotes vocabulary development. When your child listens to someone else reading they learn to read with expression along with rhythm and pacing. Did you know children who read 20 minutes a day read 1,800,000 per year? 


You are in charge of your future

The only person who can make you fail is you. You are in charge of your future, make choices you can live with.