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Device Support

Please Visit the Ohana Help Desk Website
Frequently Asked Questions:
8/24 I can't hear anything
1-Plug in a set of headphones
2-Go to the settings on the bottom right 
3-Click on the arrow next to the headphone icon (audio settings)
4-Select speaker
5-Carefully unplug the headphones (so prong doesn't break in the port)
8/25 My camera/keyboard isn't working. What are the procedures for replacement?
Contact the Ohana Help desk to troubleshoot the problem.
8/31 The operating system on the Chromebook needs updating. What do I do?
Contact your teacher and we will replace it with one that is compatible with the software required to complete student work.
If the Help Desk cannot resolve the issue, please notify your teacher. The computer can be swapped out once another computer is configured. Arrangements will be made for the exchange through our front office.