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School Matters

Every Day In School Matters! This is a nationwide program recognizing the connection between school attendance and academic achievement. Solomon Elementary School is promoting the value of good attendance and taking concrete steps toward reducing chronic absenteeism. More than 40 national organizations are working in partnership on the event as well as our Leilehua Complex Counselors who are working together toward this effort. Please remember that a full day of school is essential for every child. We ask you, if at all possible, to schedule all appointments, for you and your children, at a time so as to cause the least disruption to your child’s academic success. Even taking your child out of school early at the end of the day can be a great disruption, to not only your child, but to all children in the class. Please support us in this effort as we work with you to make your child’s education a priority! Remember…Solomon Elementary School…“Success for Every Student”
Thomas Swan
Solomon Elementary School
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