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School Curriculum

Standard Based Instruction

Our academic focus is on standards-based instruction and incorporating rigor. Units have been developed to facilitate this. Students also work on constructed responses to demonstrate deeper understanding of the standards. They must show their work and explain their thought processes.

Our teachers have been trained in Write From the Beginning and are implementing thinking maps throughout the curriculum. It helps the students brainstorm ideas, organize their thoughts and develop their thinking skills.

enVision MATH Common Core

enVision Math Common Core is a focused and coherent mathematics curriculum providing in-depth instruction on a number of important categories of mathematics content.

Daily Problem-Based Interactive Math Learning is followed by Visual Learning strategies to deepen conceptual understanding by making meaningful connections for students and delivering strong, sequential visual/verbal connections through the Visual Learning Bridge in every lesson. Ongoing Diagnosis & Intervention and daily Data-Driven Differentiation ensure that enVisionMATH gives every student the opportunity to succeed.

Students using this program have better conceptual understanding and problem solving, better computational scores, and better results in all ability levels.

Reading Wonders

Solomon students use McGraw-Hill's Reading Wonders as the English Language Arts program. This program is built on Common Core State Standards and offers comprehensive support toward building a strong reading foundation.

Students practice foundational skill building of phonics and sight words. Then strengthen fluency while working on vocabulary and comprehension to access complex text. Students work hard to find and use text evidence, while engaging in collaborative conversations. The Reading/Writing Workshop provides all core lessons in one place, while the Literature Anthology builds reading stamina with engaging anchor texts. Students have both digital and print access to award winning literature, word study games, and leveled readers.

Reading instruction is differentiated within the homeroom, ensuring success for students of varying ability levels and experiences. Ongoing student assessments and Progress Monitoring are conducted throughout the year to ensure success for every student. 

To visit your child's home page for Reading Wonders visit
Here your child can play word study games, read online books, check for assignments, etc.
Solomon students also use i-Ready, an online program for reading and/or mathematics that personalizes learning to meet students individual needs. i-Ready allows teacher(s) to meet your child exactly where they are and provides data to increase your child’s learning gains. i-Ready consists of two parts: Diagnostic and Instruction.
The Diagnostic is given 3 times throughout the year to find out what your child's needs are. Instruction is adjusted in the classroom as well as through the on-line program.
i-Ready Instruction provides students with lessons based on their individual skill level and needs, so your child can learn at a pace that is just right for them. These lessons are fun and interactive to keep your child engaged as they learn. iReady recommends at least 45 minutes each week in each subject and passing two lessons to make at least one years growth. This program can be done at home as well as in school. Students are encouraged to take their time and  “think before clicking,” because just clicking through answers will not give teachers an accurate picture of what is understood and what requires further instruction.
Access to your child’s regular i-Ready lessons:
Printable at home activity packs: 


At Solomon Elementary, our science is hand-on and minds-on.  Solomon has been fully implementing the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) since the 2019-2020 school year.  We have teacher created units that focus on students figuring out real world phenomena.  Students get a chance to explore and use science ideas to explain the world around them.