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School Curriculum

Standard Based Instruction

Our academic focus is on standards-based instruction and incorporating rigor. Our aligned ELA and math curriculum help to facilitate this. Lesson focus on student applying their understanding through constructed responses to demonstrate deeper understanding of the standards. Students are required to show their work and explain their thought processes.

Amplify CKLA:

Amplify CKLA is our core English Language Arts curriculum at Solomon Elementary. CKLA was developed based on how science tells us students learn to read as know as, the Science of Reading. Students need instruction in language instruction along with word recognition in order to become skilled readers. In alignment with standards, CKLA uses an explicit and systematic approach to teach foundational skills and supports the building of content knowledge and vocabulary.


A two strand approach in grades K-2 offers explicit instruction in skills and knowledge. Building background knowledge of a variety of topics allows students to dig deeper and make connections across content areas. This supports students as they enter grade 3-5 and begin to unpack complex text and build comprehension.


Amplify CKLA, K-5 curriculum, offers our students the opportunity to build knowledge and skills across content areas. The lessons within CKLA offer diverse and rich learning opportunities in science, history, literature and the arts.


Reading instruction is differentiated within the homeroom, ensuring success for students of varying ability levels and experiences. Ongoing student assessments and Progress Monitoring are conducted throughout the year to ensure success for every student. 


Ready Common Core Mathematics:

Ready Common Core Mathematics is a standards aligned curriculum that encourages students to apply what they are learning in the classroom to real-world situations. Teacher led instruction helps students develop mathematical reasoning, encourages classroom conversations, and builds a strong mathematical understanding.

Classroom math discussions allow students to build upon prior knowledge and make connections between grade levels and content areas. During lessons students are able to reflect on their own understanding and critique or explain their ideas or the ideas of others to build a deeper understanding of math.

Solomon Elementary uses the iReady reading and math diagnostic as our universal screener. The diagnostic is given 3 times throughout the year (fall, winter, and end of spring) to find out what your child's needs are. The program is a computer adapted assessment.
Upon completion of the diagnostic, students are placed on an individual path of instruction. The program specifically orders lessons and topics for students based on their needs in math and reading. iReady math and reading allows teachers to track student progress and growth between lessons and diagnostics.
DIBELS: Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills
Solomon Elementary also use the DIBELS assessment to assess knowledge of literacy skills. The assessment consists of one minute assessments that are standards aligned that directly measure early literacy and reading skills for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. The results of this assessment are used to elevate individual student reading development and provide feedback toward individual grade level progress and growth.