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Annual Training Videos
The annual training videos are available on-line as well as via campus closed-circuit TV broadcasts. To view on-demand online video training modules, select from the links provided below. 
HIDOE Strategic Plan 2017-2020 (Teachers)
EES Resources (Teachers; resources, optional)
FERPA Training Instructions, read first! (All Employees/Volunteers)
FERPA Training Video (All Employees/Volunteers)
U.S. Dept of Education FERPA 101 for LEAs (All Employees; 40-minute online training module) NEW
T-SEAS (Teachers) and basic information (Teachers)
Restraints and Seclusion Regulation (All Employees)
Bloodborne Pathogens (All Employees)
Fire Extinguisher (All Employees)
HAZCOM Hazard Communication (All Employees)
Workplace Violence Video (All Employees)
Opening of SY2020-2021 COVID Response Training Videos and Modules
Please be sure to log your completion of the appropriate mandatory training videosbased upon your job category/position title. It will be important to "sign-in" on school form (online) to document your completion within timeline and into PDE3 to affirm your completion of HIDOE state mandatory training requirements. 
**** Important note: these videos require login using the HIDOE intranet password (Username: Employee ID Number / Password: (Lotus Notes Web Password)). If you do not have an intranet account, you may want to be part of a "Watch Party" or contact the HIDOE ITS Help Desk at (808) 564-6000 for help with your username/password.  ****
For New Employees
New Employee Video (New Employees, posted 07/18/2016)
New Teacher Video (New Teachers, posted 07/18/2016)
Welcome to New Employees Video (All New Employees)