Stranger Danger

September 28, 2022

Dear Solomon Elementary Parents, Guardians and Staff,

We are sending this letter to address a reported "stranger danger" incident that is being discussed on social media. A possible safety-related incident was brought to our administration's attention after school today, Wednesday, September 28.

A student from our community, but not Solomon Elementary, said she was approached on her walk home from the bus stop on base by a woman in a white sedan car trying to convince the student to get into the car. The student followed their family practiced protocol and is safe. Separately, a school employee noticed a white car entering the Solomon Elementary Carpenter Street parking lot, driving slowly but catching the attention of staff because of the abnormal behavior and actions. Unsure whether these are connected and out of an abundance of caution and safety, we are alerting the school community tonight.

The safety of your children is of utmost importance. We are sending this letter to you as a precaution and ask that you make this a learning opportunity to speak to your child(ren) regarding measures to stay safe about walking to/from school and reinforce safety measures with your child about "stranger danger":

  • ·  Stay away from strangers, do not talk to or take anything from them

  • ·  Don't go anywhere with someone you don't know. Never accept a ride from a stranger.

  • ·  Stay more than an arm's reach away from strangers. If a stranger approaches you, seek help immediately from a trusted adult.

  • ·  Use the buddy system; avoid walking anywhere alone.

  • ·  If a stranger grabs you, do whatever it takes to stop the stranger, yell for help.

  • ·  Report any suspicious activity to a trusted adult.

  • ·  Be alert of your surroundings and let others know where you will be and what time you will return.

    The well-being of our students is a community effort and we appreciate your help as we work together to keep all of our students safe. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our administration at 305-1800.

    Thomas Swan, Principal