Army 3Rs Explosives Safety Education

The Army hosted an Explosives Safety Education workshop in September 2022 to discuss communication techniques for a variety of audiences to promote public outreach of 3Rs training and awareness to new audiences at the installation. During the training, we learned that munitions are designed to be dangerous and military personnel use our lands and waters across the United States for live-fire training and testing to defend our nation. As a result, ammo may be present on both land and in the water. No matter what you call it — ammo, explosives, UXO, duds or souvenirs — we need to remember that munitions are dangerous and can explode if approached, touched, moved or disturbed. By visiting 3-Rs website, families can learn more about following the 3Rs (Recognize, Retreat, Report) of Explosives Safety to protect yourself, your family, friends and community from the potential dangers associated with the presence of munitions.