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  • 1:27 Art at Home

    Thank you to those that shared their art creations they made at home. I hope you continue creating art over the summer.

    Uploaded May 27, 2020 to Visual ART
  • 4:11 Picasso Flowers

    For this project you need paper, a pencil, and something to color with, preferably markers.

    Uploaded May 08, 2020 to Visual ART
  • 3:49 Llama

    You will need paper, something to draw with (pencil or black marker) and something to color with (crayon, colored pencils, or markers). Have fun!

    Uploaded Apr 30, 2020 to Visual ART
  • 2:17 Sea Turtle

    For this project, you need: paper, markers or crayons.

    Uploaded Apr 15, 2020 to Visual ART