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Mrs. Rhoten » Welcome to Mrs. Rhoten's Classroom

Welcome to Mrs. Rhoten's Classroom


I am looking forward to continuing to create a positive environment to ensure success in the classroom and mastery of the academic standards with a foundation in the Whole Brained Child.   This year is all new to us and we are doing our best to work through the new norms within HiDoE and Solomon Elementary.

A quick blurb about me: I was born and raised in NoVA where I earned my BA in International Studies and Asian Studies with an emphasis on Japanese, I then completed my M.Ed. program in a year through Marymount University.   I also have my certification from Auburn University in Fitness and Nutrition.   I am currently working towards my PhD in Assessment and Methodology. I have taught in 5 states and on 3 military posts over the past 16 years in Title I schools. I am also a military spouse, so I “get it.” My teaching philosophy is to be the teacher I want my children to have.   I focus on problem solving and good citizenship while learning ALL those state standards.    

ClassDojo - ClassDojo is my primary way of communication.   I will share information and the good stuff through CD. Mrs. Enriquez and I are Co-Teachers on both accounts so students have the opportunity to earn GLO related points.  

Face to Face and Distance Learning will be our new way until we are instructed otherwise.   Students will meet with me and Mrs. Enriquez for content areas.  Virtual Learning/Distance Learning will be done through Google Classroom and links within the Google Classroom.   The expectation for Virtual Learning/Distance Learning is that the students check in daily.   I will provide specific directions for the students and share information through ClassDojo to parents.   Students are expected to bring their Chrome Books daily to school and maintain a charged working Chrome Book while at home as well.   It will be a learning skill to make sure we all come to school prepared and leave prepared in case the school is shut down.    

Please, I have an open door, the more I know the better I can teach your child.   If you or your spouse deploys, goes on TDY, or if some kind of change has happened please shoot me a message.   It is all confidential when shared with me, unless you want me to share with other teachers/counselors that work with your child.   

Just a heads up - I do have two young little girls that I devote my time to after work (husband too).   After school hours, I do not check my school information because I am busy doing "mommy things." However, I am quick to respond in the morning or during the day to any messages.   

I appreciate you being patient during this time period.  It is ever changing and we are accommodating to ensure the best possible learning environment.   

My challenges help me grow! 
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