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As a part of our AVID program, planners are being used at all grade levels as an organizational tool. Please check your child's planner daily and sign.  
We will be using the planner for:
  1. Weekly Spelling Words
  2. Reading Log
  3. Daily Homework
  4. Special Events/ Activities
Homework Policy 
  • Math worksheets will be provided for review and practice and to let families know what is happening.
  • Daily homework
    • Read for 20 minutes. 
    • Practice spelling words. 
    • Addition/Subtraction Math Facts. 
    • Review any classwork your child brought home.
  • Sometimes there will be projects to complete.
Specials Schedule
Library - every Tuesday
Library books are due Monday
Coding - every other Thursday
Science - every other Thursday
Visual Arts - every other Monday
Performing Arts - every other Monday
*check calendar for exact dates
**Schedules are subject to change.