B-204 Ms. Beasely’s Class


Student Planner:

School planners are a required item on the school supply list. The first planner is provided by the school at no cost. Students are to bring their planner to school each day to record any homework assignments, announcements, etc.. If lost or damaged beyond use, replacement planners are available for purchase at the school office. The student planner is an essential tool in supporting our Leilehua Complex efforts to create college and career ready students using the AVID(Advancement Via Individual Determination) program. [www.avid.org] This provides a communication tool between home and school.

Class Dojo:

I use Class Dojo to facilitate parent teacher communication. Be sure to follow the directions on the invitation provided so that you can receive important timely information.  This is my primary source of sharing information and communicating with you about your child and the class.


Solomon uses the Statewide Standards-Based Progress Report and the General Learner Outcomes (GLOs). For more information check out the Hawaii Department of Education website at http://reportcard.k12.hi.us/parent.htm


Distance Learning:

Our 2nd grade will be participating in a hybrid learning model.  Hybrid learning combines face to face instruction with online learning.  We will be using Google Classroom as the online learning management system to host digital assignments, books, videos, communication, activities, video teaching and discussion. Face to face whole and small group instruction will take place in our classrooms using resources from our Reading Wonders, Math, Science, and Social Studies textbooks that pair with hands-on activities that build our children's foundations.

School I.D. Tags:

For safety concerns, students will be issued I.D. tags, which are to be worn at all times.  Your child will be bringing the ID home.  Please make sure it is worn daily to school.  The first I.D. tag will be provided free of charge. Students requiring replacement tags due to damage or loss will be assessed $5.00 per replacement.


Absences and Tardies:

If your child is absent, please call the school office at (808) 305-1800 or send a note in theStudent Planner with your child upon their returning to school.   The gates    gates to the school will be locked @ 8:10 am, and he or she will need to get a tardy slip from the office.


Lunch payments are to be turned in to the office by 8am for the funds to be used that day.  All other payments for school functions will be turned in as designated on the form. Please place payment in an envelope and label with the child's name and event. This will be greatly appreciated. You can also make payments using the EZSchoolPay mobile app. If  you don’t have an account set up, please visit  www.EZSchoolPay.com with your child’s student ID number ready.

Contact Information:

Please keep your email address and phone number up to date. If any of your contact information changes, please inform the school  office in a timely manner. In case of emergencies, I want to be able to notify parents as soon as possible. 

School Chromebooks/Books/Property:

Students are responsible for the care of the Chromebooks, textbooks,  and school property. Students may be referred to the office and may be billed for any damages or losses of school property (if deemed necessary). 

Water Bottles:

The water stations on campus are closed due to Covid 19.  Students are encouraged to bring in labeled water bottles. If ice cubes are added to the water bottle, condensation and puddles become a problem. Please wrap the bottle in a small towel to protect your child’s class work from getting wet.

After-School Policy:

To ensure the safety of your child, make sure you have arrangements for a designated adult (listed on your child’s paperwork) to pick up your child at the classroom / designated spot. Solomon Elementary follows the USARHAW Pam 210-5 (7-2b) – Control of Children (Supervision), which states - children under 10 years of age cannot be left unattended or allowed to walk home alone from any place on post, including school. 


Your child will be given daily homework (except Fridays). It is part of your child’s responsibility to write the daily homework in their planners. The planner is a tool to help students increase responsibility, and organization. As part of daily homework we ask that students review their planner with the family, checkmark each task as they are completed, and have a parent signature each day.

Homework is assigned to reinforce concepts and practice skills taught in class. It is each student’s responsibility to complete and turn in assignments when due. 


  • 10 minutes of reading
  • Math and/or Language Arts Skills Practice


I use a positive discipline plan to encourage and reward positive behaviors, responsibility, and good work habits. The plan is based on the school’s “3-Be’s” and is incorporated into the following set of rules:

  1. Be in your assigned seat or area, ready to work when class begins
  2. Have paper, pencils, books and all needed supplies every day
  3. Keep hands, feet, books, and objects to yourselves
  4. No profanity, rude gestures, bullying, teasing or put downs
  5. Follow directions of all school personnel.

The children have been introduced to these rules. When adhering to these rules, they will be better able to meet the state’s General Learner Outcomes (GLO’s) which are included in the quarterly reports.

The Solomon Elementary School Community envisions the children becoming quality learners and responsible citizens. To assist them in achieving this I help by providing the following supports:

  • Class games (On Chromebooks)
  • Verbal praise, class recognition, positive DOJO points
  • Reminder of School Rules
  • Think Time 
  • Notification of the Think Sheet/ Virtual meeting if necessary
  • Visit with the school counselor or administration

I ask for parents’ support by following up with consequences at home and reinforcing positive behavior expectations. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions regarding any of the information in this letter. I look forward to a successful year working together with you and your child.