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Primary School Adjustment Project



PSAP stands for Primary School Adjustment Project, a research based National program originating from Rochester, NY.  PSAP is a support service that assists children in grades kindergarten through third grade adjust to school, gain confidence, social skills and focus on learning.  PSAP is a short-term program, typically 12-15 weeks, that guides students to learn skills to effectively communicate in a play setting.  The program also provides a bridge of communication for the child, parents, their teacher and other support services.  The PSAP staff consists of an Educational Assistant that works under the guidance of a grade level counselor.


Goals of the PSAP are to detect school adjustment difficulties early, assist children to develop a school-based, trusting relationship with an adult, reduce social, emotional, and school adjustment difficulties and enhance learning skills.


Benefits of PSAP are reduces negative adjustment behaviors, improves children's self confidence, social skills, learning skills and other school-related competencies, and allows school mental health professionals to focus on children who need more intensive interventions.


Parents or teachers who think a child may benefit from this program can request assistance through the PSAP referral process.  For more information about PSAP contact your child's teacher, grade level counselor, or PSAP staff.