The Gifted and Talented Program develops statewide policies and research-based standards, provides leadership, technical assistance and monitoring guidelines for quality gifted and talented education for the state. With available resources, each school designs programs to serve the needs of identified gifted/talented students; these differentiated programs include enrichment activities, acceleration and/or honors classes.


In the Enrichment Program, here at Solomon Elementary School, qualifying students have opportunity to study additional topics, not covered in regular curriculum, stressing the areas of writing, critical thinking, creative problem solving, oral communications and visual media. These types of opportunities provide for horizontal growth in subject areas as differentiated instruction offers different and sometimes unique pathways to success.


For the past two years, our enrichment students have been honored as finalists at the Olelo Youth Video Exchange.  Over the next few years we plan to grow our media program and give more students the opportunity to share their voice!


The Leilehua Complex has mandated the following tests as the standard for gifted testing: the COGAT (ability), the IOWA Test of Basic Skills (achievement), the Torrance Test of Creativity, a writing sample, and two surveys, one from teacher and one from the parent.


The testing process requires that students be pulled from class for 1-hour sessions over 3-4 days. All testing should be completed by the end of September. The tests are hand scored and a committee meets to review the test results. Results of the screening into the program are sent home after the selection committee meets.