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Continuity of Learning Resources (Current Week)

Thank you for visiting our First Grade Continuity of Learning page!  Please remember that all activities/resources on this page are optional and provided as practice/enrichment for your child to prevent learning loss.  As these activities are optional, we will not be collecting or grading any work from your child.
April 2, 2020
Aloha First Grade Families, 
    Thank you for your patience and understanding during this uncertain time.  On this page, you will find optional online resources and activities for you to use with your child (at your leisure) to enrich and support his/her learning.  If you choose to do these activities, you can have your child work out their answers in a notebook, on recycled paper, whiteboards, or any writing space you have available.  As these activities are enrichment/review, we will not be collecting or grading any work from your child.  
    We will try to add resources at the beginning of every week to this page.  Please check the side link, "Continuity of Learning" for updates.  We miss seeing your child and will continue to be in touch with you.
Grade 1 Team
April 22 - Purple Up! for Month of the Military Child
Purple Up
April 16