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Kindergarten Home Page

WELCOME TO KINDERGARTEN AT SOLOMON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL WHERE CARING TEACHERS WELCOME CHILDREN WITH OPEN HEARTS!  Each teacher has created an exciting and educational experience for your child. We hope you enjoy this school year with us!

    Skills an incoming Kindergartener should know or be able to do:

      • Know first and last name
      • Write his/her first name
      • Write using the appropriate pencil grip
      • Color within a given space
      • Cut on (near) a line
      • Know the difference between letters and numbers
      • Count to 10 orally
      • Know some letters (40%) (Upper and Lower case)
      • Listen to directions
      • Follow 2 step directions
      • Attend to bathroom needs
      • Know how to zip, button, snap own clothing
      • Feed self
      • Wash hands for 30 seconds or more
      • Tie shoelaces … please teach them or wear shoes without laces
Should you need additional assistance, please contact your child's grade-level counselor, or Vice-Principal, Troy Fujimoto at (808) 305-1800.