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Visual Art Online Resources

Online drawing program. Simple and fun to use.

Art for kids hub

Art lessons for children, including drawing, painting, origami and more.

Art Project by Google

A digital art collection including many art works from art museums around the world. With the build in search and compare functions and other features, it is a great resource to study art history and art masterpieces. 

make 8-bit art!

A fun free in-browser pixel art tool. Suitable for all ages. No advertisements.

Mandala Maker

Online program allowing students to design their own Mandalas.

Red Ted Art

Easy to follow crafts and ideas for all age groups from The crafts are designed to be made from every day items, so you can usually get crafting straight away.

Tate Kids

Play free art games and fun quizzes, find art activities, read about artists and share your art. 

Country Dog Gentleman Travel to Extraordinary Worlds.

Video series on adventures to learn about famous artists in San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Collection

Curious Corner

Visit the art institute of Chicago to explore curiosities through story time.

British Museum

The British Museum is home to over two million years of history and culture including the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures, and even Egyptian mummies.   This museum teamed with the Google Cultural Institute to offer virtual tours using Google street view technology. You can explore by theme, time period, or geographic area.  It’s pretty cool stuff.

MetKids (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Explore the museum, hop in a time machine, watch videos about famous artists. 

Moma Destination Modern Art

Intergalactic journey to the modern art and contemporary art museum in New York.

National Gallery of Art Kids Zone

Informative introduction to Art History using computer based activities that encourage exploration and creativity. Offers free art lessons on their website and via a free app, covering art subjects like portrait, landscape, seascape, still life, action painting, color field, sketchbook.

The Courtald Museum in London

Offers a virtual gallery tour of seven rooms.  New photography technology allows users to zoom in to see artwork with exceptional up close quality.  Masterpieces by well greats such as Manet and Van Gogh call the Courtald home

The Frick Museum

The Frick Museum in New York City is known for the collection of Old Master paintings.  The Frick’s virtual gallery tour not only shows images of various rooms but also allows viewers to click on items for an up close view and historical details.  All this while listening to a docent led tour. 

The Louvre

Does it get any more iconic than the Louvre Museum.  The largest museum in the world, situated in Paris, France, has three virtual gallery tours.  You can visit their collection of Egyptian antiquities, the remains of the Louvre moat, or the recently restored Galerie d’ Apollon.  

Art for Kids Hub 

Upload new art lessons M-F, every week! Follow along with us and learn how to draw plus other fun art lessons for kids.

Art with Mati and Dada

Welcome to the wonderful world of Mati and Dada, where learning meets creativity and imagination. Seven year old Mati, a cheerful young girl with a zesty passion for art, is magically transported into the lives of great artists by her eccentric sidekick, Dada. Together these two friends go on exciting adventures, solving little mysteries and getting caught up in bumbling confusions, en route to learning about art from the masters.

Bob Ross Videos

Robert Norman Ross was an American painter, art instructor, and television host. He was the creator and host of The Joy of Painting, an instructional television program that aired from 1983 to 1994

Cassie Stephens

Colourful and creative. Cassie Stephens, American Art teacher providing daily art videos.

Deep Space Sparkle

If you like color, drawing, painting and creating with your kids, you're in the right place! You'll find kid's art projects that use tempera paint, watercolors, pastels and markers...simple supplies that you already have at home.

Draw So Cute

Have fun learning How To Draw and DIY Craft, anything and everything CUTE with step by step, easy to follow videos.

Harptoons with Steve Harpster

Harptoons is all about getting kids to draw, create, and imagine. Watch my videos and learn to draw with numbers and letters.

Mark Kistler

Learn how-to-draw in 3-D with Mark Kistler in just 15-minutes a day! Public Television's favorite artist and Emmy Award winner Mark Kistler, has taught millions of students the joy of drawing. He can teach you too! More lessons available at

Mo Willems

Mo Willems⁠—a bestselling author and illustrator⁠—has announced that he will be teaching drawing every weekday on YouTube to kids who are now at home. Mo will be having sessions called Lunch Doodles where he will occupy the little ones by doodling together with them.

Ms Artastic 

Get ideas for art tutorials for kids. Lots of inspiration for art projects, lesson plans, and techniques that you can do at home or teach in your elementary or middle school art classroom. Easy, hands-on drawing and painting tutorials that you can do with a variety of ages and skills! Ms Artastic also has a website.

Wonderville Studios 

Lessons on drawing, storytelling and creativity based on self-empathy, for kids and brave adults.