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Visual Arts with Mrs. Villarreal


Welcome to the Visual Art program at Solomon Elementary School! I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of your student’s creative experiences and artistic growth. 


Art provides the opportunity for students to experience a different atmosphere from the standard classroom setting. It can be fun, relaxing, hands-on, messy, exciting, challenging, and many other potentially new and sometimes out of the ordinary experiences. 


This school year we are traveling around the world in Visual Art. We began our travels in Hawaii and are visiting the different continents of the world. In each region of the world we are learning about some of the different countries, their cultures and traditions and we are creating art based on that region.


Throughout the year I plan on exposing our students to different cultures, artists, art styles and art mediums. The elements of art and the principles of design will be interwoven into the projects that we do.


Learning will be done through in-person classes on their Essentials Day. To share artwork, we will be using Artsonia, an online art gallery.

Artsonia Class Portal

PARENTS – Our school is offering a way for students to submit their artwork to their Artsonia portfolio from home. Artsonia manages student art portfolios in a safe and educational manner, developing students' pride and self-esteem and involving parents and relatives in arts education.


Your child can use iPads or similar devices (or even a browser) to photograph their own artwork, make edits and enter artist statements - all on their own! The artwork will be reviewed by the art teacher prior to being published.


Download the Artsonia 6.0 app in the Apple or Android app store, select the "Students" option, then manually type in the code. You can also go to on a browser if you don't have a compatible device.


Access Code: KZJP-MRRZ

You can view a short tutorial video by going to


Parents need to register to provide permission for their child’s artwork to be displayed in the public gallery. When a student logs into Class Portal, he/she can enter a parent's email address to invite that parent to connect with their child and create an account. This allows you, as the parent, to be notified when new artwork is published, view teacher feedback, review and approve comments, share with friends and family members far away and more.

Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions, please contact Artsonia at 800-869-9974 or