Fall Dress Up 2022

Digital Citizenship Fall Dress Up 2022

October 31:  Mystery Monday

Dress like someone or something you’re not—because not everything online is true.
Digital Citizenship Concept:  Not everything is factual online or social media.  Students should verify and fact check things they see or hear online.

November 01:  Twinning Tuesday

Dress like your parent or teacher to remember to get their permission before going online.
Digital Citizenship Concept:  Minors should be obtaining permission to use devices.  Adults should be aware of what minors are doing on the devices--what sites, games, or social media are being viewed.

November 02:  Web Wisely Wednesday

Wear black to remember to keep your information safe--don't share your information online.
Digital Citizenship Concept: Keep all personal identifiable information offline as much as possible.  Do not give out name--especially full name--or home address.  Be aware of what is in the backgrounds of photos posted, so that personal identifiable information may not inadvertently be posted, such as a house number with street sign on the corner.  Protect all passwords.

November 03:  Thoughtful Thursday

Wear a hat to remember to say kind words online.
Digital Citizenship Concept:  Keep conversations and posts online respectful and polite.  There is a human being on the other side.  Report all negative interactions to a responsible adult.

November 04:  Fun Friday

Wear a sports jersey or green to remember to go outside and play--don't be on devices all day.
Digital Citizenship Concept:  Balance time on and off a device.  Play outside or interact with people--within the family or neighborhood.

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