Solomon Elementary School

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Letter to Our Families From Principal Omalza



Dear Solomon Parents and Guardians,


As I write this letter on Easter evening, I am guessing that your family, like mine, have been celebrating all our family holidays…birthdays and now, Easter…and we are missing one another. Those family members that can’t be there this spring! The Grandpa who had to change his plans of coming to visit…and we are missing our families… and our neighbors… and our teachers, and our shopping. Yep we’re missing all that interaction in our lives and we just miss that human contact and saying, “Hi!”! That means we need one another and so we need to reach out to one another in different ways!

We have been reaching out to our families and you have responded! We have passed out close to 30 Chrome Books to families who are in need of enough devices for the parents and kids, alike; with everyone working from home! If you find that you are needing another device please reach out to your child’s teacher and as we are planning again for this Thursday, March 16, 2020 from 9 am-12 pm.

Hope all is going well with the eLearning and that you are accessing curriculum online at our Solomon website! If you are in need of any assistance your best bet is to reach out to your child’s teacher, as we are working from home, as directed, and coming in on T/TH mornings to check mail and pay bills and clean!

Let us know how we can help you!


Stay safe everyone…


Sally Omalza